A day at the races

It’s been two years since our last company Derby, resulting in some very excited employees gearing up for the day. With our prettiest dresses, sharpest suits and array of interesting fascinators we set off for undoubtedly one of the most fantastic social events of the year.

 Mother Nature was on our side, providing an abundance of sunshine from mid-morning until late afternoon - ensuring perfect conditions for both indoor and outdoor spectators. Unfortunately lady luck was not as kind: a few lucky employees struck it big, but for the most part we walked away a few pounds down – nothing a cheeky G&Ts couldn’t fix. 

 When our transport arrived at 6pm we very begrudgingly set off back home. The day flew by in a flurry of good conversation and activity. A very big thank you to our generous directors who made the day possible – we’re already looking forward to the next one!